Festive Specials

Home for Christmas
Available 1-31 December 2023 for Delivery or Takeaway.


Roasted Squash & Fregola Salad.


Roasted Turkey Crown (+- 4kg)


1kg Sanchoku F1 Wagyu Tomahawk (+$60)


Roasted Brussel Sprouts Duck Fat Roasted Chat Potatoes.


Apple & Almond Tart.

$279+, including delivery. (15% EARLY BIRD DEAL – ORDER BY 30 NOVEMBER 2023)

Christmas Platter
Available 11-25 December 2023 for dine in.

Our Christmas dinner platter stars three meat dishes that truly capture the essence of the season of sharing and get-togethers.

Indulge in the fragrant Berbere Spiced White Pyrenees Lamb Rack, the festive Apricot and Chestnut-stuffed Turkey Breast, and the decadent 2GR Full Blood Rump Cap with an impressive MS8/9 marbling score.